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Equipment & Technology

A.M Smiles modern clinics offer the very latest advantages in dental technology and equipment. A.M Smiles doctors are continually trained in the use of our advanced technology and equipment, and in clinical best practices, to ensure that patients benefit from the advantages available today.

Dental Chairs

A.M Smiles, dental chairs with retractable valves prevent oral fluid backflow, ensuring patient safety and reducing cross-contamination risks. They offer a more efficient and safer dental practice with minimized sterilization requirements.

Sterilization Autoclaves

We ensures dental tool sterilization through imported autoclaves that utilize high-pressure saturated steam. These international-grade autoclaves are backed by strict protocols, with A.M Smiles doctors trained to uphold rigorous standards in the sterilization process.


A.M Smiles clinics utilize advanced x-ray technology, ensuring minimal radiation exposure for painless and non-invasive oral health diagnosis. They prioritize safety with portable equipment and protective gear like lead aprons and thyroid collars, following the ALARA principle from U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 10 CFR 20.1003, aiming to minimize radiation exposure to all involved.

Water Filteration System

In Our clinics we use reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems for water purification, ensuring the safest possible water supply. This advanced technology removes impurities and contaminants, providing a high standard of water quality for various medical purposes and maintaining a hygienic environment in the clinic.

Aerosol Suction & Decontamination Unit

A.M Smiles Clinics employ high-tech equipment to minimize aerosols generated during dental treatments. Advanced suction systems, along with specialized filters like the Cotton, fibre-glass, HEPA (H13), and activated carbon filters, ensure clean air in the operatory and throughout the clinic.

Rotary Tools

We imports high-quality rotary tools from Germany and Japan, enhancing drilling precision for doctors. This thorough removal of plaque and bacteria enables longer-lasting fillings by ensuring proper attachment to cavity walls.

Dental consumables

A.M Smiles clinics use high-quality dental consumables, such as bonding agents, cements, files, and curing lights, sourced from renowned suppliers like Ivoclar Vivadent (Europe) and 3M, Kerr, and DENTSPLY (U.S.). These materials play a crucial role in various dental procedures, ensuring effective treatments and optimal patient care.