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10X Saftey @ A.M Smiles Dental Care

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  1. Regular Sanitization:
    Hand washing with soap and water, or use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, is essential for maintaining proper hand hygiene in A.M Smiles dental clinics.
  2. 4-Step Sterilisation
    Adherence to A.M Smiles Dental’s trademarked process to ensure a 100% sterile and safe environment for patients and staff.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    Our Dentists and dental staff wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, masks, face shields, and gowns, to minimize the risk of infection during procedures.
  4. UV Light (Ultraviolet) Disinfection Technologies
    UV Light Disinfection Chambers installed in clinics have light sources of 40-60 watts and are used for disinfecting day-to-day articles like napkins, all cloth items, N95/KN95 masks, tubings, telephones and other small items
  5. Commitment to Excellence:
    We strive for excellence in everything we do, aiming to provide the highest quality dental care and exceptional customer service.
  6. Enhanced Disinfection
    In addition to regular cleaning, dental clinics may opt for additional disinfection methods, such as using UV-C light or air purifiers, to further minimize the presence of airborne pathogens.
  7. Responsible Bio-Medical Waste Disposal
    A.M Smiles Dental has always worked with Government regulations to dispose of biomedical waste. The new policy ensures that all extra PPE material should be disposed of as per WHO guidelines.
  8. Pre-Screening Patients
    Patients are often required to answer pre-screening questions regarding their health and recent travel history before visiting the dental clinic to identify potential risks.
  9. Treatment Transparency
    We will explain every step of your treatment and answer any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in your dental care decisions.
  10. Clean Environment:
    A.M Smiles clinics are regularly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a hygienic and sterile setting.